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Coyote Valley Tribe of Pomo Indians Paying Steep Price For Expansion

The Coyote Valley Tribe of Pomo Indians wanted to expand their Shodakai Casino, but in order to receive the O.K. from Mendocino County, they had to fork over all kinds of monetary concessions.

The Tribes casino in Redwood Valley is looking for an overhaul, they are expecting to include 749 slot machines, three restaurants, a lounge, and 930 parking spots.

The price they had to pay to the county, almost $20 million over 17 years, and that does not include their plans to possibly build a hotel at the casino.

The money would be broken down into different areas, one deputy sheriff will cost $100,000 a year, and $750,000 will go to improving and widening the streets that are bordering the casino.

Then, in years one through eight, there are costs to mitigate off-reservation impacts which total $200,000 a year for the first three years, and $200,000 to $600,000 for years four through eight.

The Redwood Valley Fire District could not be left out, so the tribe must pay $207,588 to hire three paid firefighters, and $350,000 spread out over five years so the department can buy new equipment.

If that was not enough, they also have to pay $5,000 a year for well monitoring, $50 an ambulance call, and $20,000 to contribute to addiction counseling for the Counties Alcohol and Drug Program.

One of the other agreements in the deal is that the tribe either make their casino only accessible to people 21 years and older, or designate specific areas for alcohol consumption.

Overall, the Tribe wanted to expand, and the county was well aware of that fact, so in the end, the deal was completed at a price of almost $20 million and a bunch of negotiating.