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Month: June 2017

Florida Becoming One of the Top Gambling States in the Nation

Floridians apparently are spending their hard earned dollars gambling, as reports show the state moved up six spots to number five on the list of generated casino gambling trips in 2005. Two studies, The National Profile Study, and, the U.S. Gaming Pool, revealed that Florida ranks behind only New York, Los Angelas, Chicago, and Las Vegas in generated gambling trips. Florida which ranked 11th last year, generated more than 12 million gambling trips in 2005. […]

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Detroit Casinos Sue State to Avoid Being Shut Down

Play at Golden Casino Casinos in the Detroit area bring in an average of $400,000 daily in tax money that goes to helping balance the state budget. Ironically, it’s the state, the beneficiary of the money, that is looking to shut the casinos down if lawmakers cannot get a deal in place on a new budget by Monday. If the state goes through with the shut down, it will be impossible for the casinos to […]

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