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Florida Becoming One of the Top Gambling States in the Nation

Floridians apparently are spending their hard earned dollars gambling, as reports show the state moved up six spots to number five on the list of generated casino gambling trips in 2005.

Two studies, The National Profile Study, and, the U.S. Gaming Pool, revealed that Florida ranks behind only New York, Los Angelas, Chicago, and Las Vegas in generated gambling trips.

Florida which ranked 11th last year, generated more than 12 million gambling trips in 2005. Of the states larger metro areas, Miami is the only city that was above the national average in gambler participation, coming in at 30 percent.

Orlando and Tampa were both below the national average.

The report stated that 25 percent, or 52.8 million of the 209 million adults in the U.S. gambled inside a casino last year. Those gamblers compiled over 322 million visits to the casinos and averaged 6.1 trips each.


The gamblers do not appear to be spending their rent checks however as the study showed the household income median of these casino gamblers is almost $8,000 higher than that of the nation.

Florida continues to grow as a gambling state and that will probably further increase with their recent legalization of Vegas style slots.


Atlantic City Casino Eye in the Sky used to Women Watch


An employee of Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino had his license suspended for 20 days following accusations he used the cameras in the sky to check out women.

Former supervisor James Doherty was using his serveillance cameras to watch women in the casino, instead of monitoring the gambling going on, state regulators concluded on Wednesday.

This is just the most recent news in the case, already Caesars had been ordered to pay a $185,000 fine for charges that four of its employees used cameras to zero in on women in the casino wearing low cut blouses and revealing clothing.

Former supervisor Robert Swan was cleared of the charges, but the gaming commision voted 4-0 to sanction Doherty.

The reason for the sanctions were that “Doherty’s conduct was particularly serious because by engaging in improper surveillance activity he failed to perform required surveillance functions, thereby creating a risk to the integrity of gaming operations”, said Commissioner Michael A. Fedorko, who conducted a hearing on the charges.

Doherty has been fired by Caesars along with two camera operators, Donald Smith and Paul Arambulo. Arambulo settled the charges by agreeing to a five day suspension of his gaming license. Smith has yet to respond to the charges.

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